Coming up next on Problematic Reviews

Coming up next on Problematic Reviews

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

A (Not So) Brief Analysis: Fallout Equestria: The Radio Play

A Quick Note From Amy: I know it's been months seen I pushed out an update stating that the file had been corrupted, resulting in the loss of some 1500 words, and now it's here. I pushed through a writer's block and an overwhelming amount of school work to get it done so please, enjoy this scene-by-scene analysis of F:E - The Radio Play!

With so many audio books, side stories and even an upcoming animated show of the widely known epic, Fallout: Equestria by Kkat, it's becoming more and more apparent that some iterations capture the huge scope of the canon (fanon?) of the story, but others... not so much. So it begs the question: What makes a good Fallout: Equestria adaptation? Well, I can say the Equestrian Broadcasting Company's currently airing radio play undoubtedly has more potential than most. However, it is not without its hiccups. But I cannot just leave it at that! That would be boring. Join me, my friends, and let us take a scene-by-scene look at Fallout: Equestria- The Radio Play.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Minority Report: Crime and Human Nature

Minor spoilers for Minority Report, Psycho-Pass and Captain America 2

Imagine a world where homicide rates have been reduced by ninety-percent, a world where Precrime Unit arrests criminals before they even commit a crime. Enter the world of Minority Report, a 2002 science fiction film loosely based on the short story of the same name by Philip K. Dick. In the movie, John Anderton (Tom Cruise) leads the Washington D.C. Precrime Unit, a police department that apprehends future murderers with the foresight of three psychics named “pre-cogs.” It is a phenomenal thriller and despite being well over a decade old, Fox Network recently confirmed the pilot of the Minority Report television series, and this raises a big question: What do Minority Report and other recent films and television shows have to say about their future systems of crime prediction? Head below the break for Minority Report: Crime and Human Nature. 

Saturday, August 30, 2014

The Second Annual Summer Review Marathon: Closing Ceremony

Welcome back fillies and gentlecolts! As summer draws to a close, so must this little adventure through the depths of FiM Fiction's story archive. To recap: This last month I managed to storm through seven stories here on Problematic Reviews and in progress, redesigned a lot of this website's visuals! However, the best is still yet to come! I still have to announce my top three must reads of the summer! Now, before anything, I must point out that the awards below are staff picks; meaning they do not represent the community's opinion. Rather, they are my own recommendations. You might disagree but then again, wouldn't the world be so boring if everyone agreed with me? One more thing: I do have third, second and first place winners but each story does bring its own outstanding element to the table and are equally recommended. Head down below the break for the winners!

Friday, August 22, 2014

FiM Fiction Review: The Sword Coast

I would like to address something briefly before moving on to the review. As many of you have heard, actor and comedian Robin Williams was pronounced dead in his home last Monday. The actor behind Genie in Aladdin and John Keating in Dead Poet Society brought so much joy and inspiration to my friends and I over the years. The news of his apparent (now confirmed) suicide came as a shock to all of us. Mr. Williams was battling depression leading up to this and his death serves as a grim reminder that anxiety and depression is something that many people suffer through every single day. My friends, I invite you to remember this amazing man and help in the battle against these horrible conditions. If you can spare the time and money, please take a moment and consider joining me in donating to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America

And for those of you considering suicide, I've been there before. I understand even thinking about taking you own life takes a lot of courage. Whatever pushed you there might be tough to get through, but I beg you: don't give up. I'm sure you've heard it all before, but your life is worth so much more. Here's the number for the US National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 1-800-273-TALK (8255) or my inbox is always open if you'd like someone to talk to. Here's a link for other countries and their lifeline numbers. 

Thanks for reading and now on to the review: 

Do you like adventure? Do you like intense action that puts the main character's life in constant jeopardy? Then you'll like this story. AdrianVesper's The Sword Coast follows the journey of Twilight Sparkle, a young ward and apprentice of Star Swirl, as she tracks down the conspirators and circumstances behind her mentor's murder. It's a pulse-pounding tale full of well done action and interesting characters. Unfortunately, The Sword Coast has no lack of problems that can easily put off some readers. From it's lackluster exposition and choppy dialogue, its shortcomings are few but glaring. Head down below the break for my review of The Sword Coast by AdrianVesper.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Summer Review Marathon: Scheduling Updates & More!

Welcome back, internet travelers! We are nearing the end of the two-month long Summer Review Marathon here on Problematic Reviews and I must say, it's certainly been an interesting summer. The final reviews with come out soon enough and the winner will be announced, but I would like to throw a quick heads up out there regarding the schedule. Please, if you have any questions, read this entire post and look on the contest page before asking. If you still have questions, I'll happily answer them! Just send a PM to my FimFiction profile. So without further ado:

Contest closing date moved to August 22nd!

Due to some scheduling issues, I will be moving back the closing date to August 22nd to make room for a few more reviews. A separate "fast-lane" queue has been made for those of you who would like to bypass the conventional queue in time for the contest. It will stay open to requests via FimFiction PM until Saturday, August 16th. Unlike the review queue, it's a first come, first serve system. Hurry and register if you would like to participate!

Winner will be announced on August 29th!

The winner will be announced a week after the contest closes on August 29th. Three nominees will be announced on Monday, August 25th. My staff and I will then debate which of the three will receive First, Second and Last Place.

The Summer Review Marathon contest page has been updated to include all of the above.


Wednesday, August 6, 2014

FiM Fiction Review: Cold Light

It's rare that I read a story for fun as of late. Especially now with the review marathon in full swing, most stories that catch my eye on Equestria Daily usually go to the purgatory that is my “Read Later” list. With the exception of this one. Perhaps it was how ambitious it is for another relatively low-profile writer to take on such a story? Or how the introduction catches the reader's attention by foreshadowing the climax? These things and more make Scramblers and Shadows' Cold Light my most anticipated story this year. From its interesting character dynamics to fascinating world building, there's no doubt that this story has plenty of potential. If Cold Light builds up to be as good as its opening chapters, I am very interested in reading more. Head down below the break for my review of Cold Light by Scramblers and Shadows.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

FiM Fiction Review: On Time for a Change

Welcome back, internet travelers! It appears we're having an unofficial comedy week here as this is the second comedy I have reviewed and the second time I took the schedule as a complete joke! Yeah… Just give no regard to the calendar for now. I'll have it fixed by The Sword Coast! Promise! Jumping in, LordSmokedMeatsandFishes's On Time for a Change follows the story of Pendulum, an expert in logistics, as he tries to fix Ponyville's Winter Wrap Up problem. He runs into the inevitable roadblocks and humor ensues. Unfortunately, On Time for a Change has a great setup but is inhibited by its own setbacks. Pendulum is the stereotypical unlikeable Manehatten businessman and the story is rather ill-paced and badly executed. Everything else is not at all memorable or clever, making for an overall lackluster read. Head below the break for my review of On Time for a Change by LordSmokedMeatsandFishes.