Coming up next on Problematic Reviews

Coming up next on Problematic Reviews

Saturday, July 26, 2014

FiM Fiction Review: On Time for a Change

Welcome back, internet travelers! It appears we're having an unofficial comedy week here as this is the second comedy I have reviewed and the second time I took the schedule as a complete joke! Yeah… Just give no regard to the calendar for now. I'll have it fixed by The Sword Coast! Promise! Jumping in, LordSmokedMeatsandFishes's On Time for a Change follows the story of Pendulum, an expert in logistics, as he tries to fix Ponyville's Winter Wrap Up problem. He runs into the inevitable roadblocks and humor ensues. Unfortunately, On Time for a Change has a great setup but is inhibited by its own setbacks. Pendulum is the stereotypical unlikeable Manehatten businessman and the story is rather ill-paced and badly executed. Everything else is not at all memorable or clever, making for an overall lackluster read. Head below the break for my review of On Time for a Change by LordSmokedMeatsandFishes. 

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

FiM Fiction Review: The Origin of Sunbutt

Welcome back, internet travelers! Let me start by apologizing for the schedule mix up involving this one. I recently attended a four-day journalism workshop that unfortunately left me very little time to finish the critique, but after a little rest, I think I'm ready to jump right into this one. GeodesicDragon's The Origin of Sunbutt is -and I’m going to get so much hate for this- tragically sub-par. While I looked forward to a short but comical take on Celestia’s cutie mark story and backstory behind the Sunbutt nickname, The Origin of Sunbutt presents itself with very little character and lack of a solid plotline or pacing to drive the thing. Along with mediocre dialogue and sub-par portrayal of Celestia, I cannot recommend it, especially if you're unfamiliar with Geo’s form of storytelling. Head below the break for my review of The Origin of Sunbutt by GeodesicDragon.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

FiM Fiction Review: Awaken, Scootaloo

I would usher in the review with a remark about something that happened in the last week or commenting on the last review in hindsight, but I have nothing to say this time. This limbo is torturous. Hopping in, xjuggernaughtx’s Awaken, Scootaloo took me completely by surprise. I started reading expecting another sub-par fic desperately trying to tug at my heart string but instead was moved by a fantastic short story sporting on an awfully relatable message. Along with wonderfully done dialogue and well portrayed canon characters, I definitely recommend Awaken, Scootaloo for those of you looking for something short to read. Head below the break for my full review of Awaken, Scootaloo by xjuggernaughtx. 

Monday, July 7, 2014

No Review This Week & Fiesta Equestria 2014

Good day, travelers. Just a quick update on the state of FiM Fiction Reviews and such. First order of business: There will not be a review this week. I know that it says I was going to put out my review of xuggernaughtx's Awaken, Scootaloo last Saturday on the schedule, but I decided to push it back to next weekend.

Why? Well, my friends, life's nuisances all too often get in the way. But mainly: Fiesta Equestria 2014 is this weekend (July 11-13)! Most of the staff and I will be there as part of our yearly ritual to Brony for at least one weekend a year without interruption.  Last year's con was a humongous amount of fun and this year's admission prices are much less expensive (yay~)! If you wish to find details, here is FE!2014's page. Hope to see you there! 

Until then, toodles!