Coming up next on Problematic Reviews

Coming up next on Problematic Reviews

Saturday, August 30, 2014

The Second Annual Summer Review Marathon: Closing Ceremony

Welcome back fillies and gentlecolts! As summer draws to a close, so must this little adventure through the depths of FiM Fiction's story archive. To recap: This last month I managed to storm through seven stories here on Problematic Reviews and in progress, redesigned a lot of this website's visuals! However, the best is still yet to come! I still have to announce my top three must reads of the summer! Now, before anything, I must point out that the awards below are staff picks; meaning they do not represent the community's opinion. Rather, they are my own recommendations. You might disagree but then again, wouldn't the world be so boring if everyone agreed with me? One more thing: I do have third, second and first place winners but each story does bring its own outstanding element to the table and are equally recommended. Head down below the break for the winners!

The Sword Coast by Adrian Vesper
Second Place

When Twilight, a ward and apprentice of Star Swirl, gets grappled into a world of conspiracy and evil
intentions after her mentor's murder, she teams up with five adventurers to find the assassin and discover her own destiny in this epic adventure. AdrianVesper put together one of the most thrilling, action-packed stories I've read recently. From the excellent fight scenes to the deep and thematic characterization of Twilight Sparkle, I recommend this one if you enjoy action and adventure.

Awaken, Scootaloo by xjuggernaughtx
Second Place

Luna revisits Scootaloo in her dreams after she continues to have trouble flying in this deeply touching tale by xjuggernaughtx, author of the critically acclaimed fanfic: Diary of a Pliant Tyrant. Awaken, Scootaloo's conflict is enormously relateable and is only strengthen by juggernaught's amazing characterization of Scootaloo and Luna. Along with well done dialogue, I recommend it if you enjoy slice of life and emotional stories. 

Cold Light by Scramblers and Shadows
First Place Winner

Sweetie Belle is thrown into the strange and ancient world of Amaranth when Scootaloo mysteriously disappears. Desperate to find her lover in this brave new world, she will face many dangers as pirates, salvors and the desperate wander this land far, far from Equestria. Cold Light is simply a masterpiece. Scramblers and Shadows' writing and direction is brilliant and profoundly breathtaking at times. The plot and related romance are fascinating and heartfelt.  While this hugely ambitious story is only in its opening chapters, I look forward with anticipation for where Scramblers and Shadows plans to take it. I recommend this story to everyone but especially if you enjoy adventure and romance. 

That'll be all for this year! Thanks for reading. <3

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  1. I'm honored to have taken second place in your contest, but I believe the acclaimed fic that you were looking for was Diary of Pliant Tyrant. Thanks for taking the time to read my story, and I'm very pleased that you enjoyed it so much.