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Coming up next on Problematic Reviews

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The Foal Free Network 
What is the Foal Free Network? Pretty simple. The Foal Free Network is a group of friends devoted to bringing you the latest and greatest in FiM Fiction content and content reviewing. Founded and run by FiM Fiction reviewer, writer, and enthusiast Adrian Mujica-Martinez in early 2013, the Foal Free Network continues on its journey to expand its reach in the FiM Fiction community and beyond. In May 2013, the network launched it's website, achieving an important milestone. 


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Although novice in their fields, Problematic Reviews is staffed with six editors, web designers, and network managers all looking forward to contributing to a growing community and possibly making their hard work into a career. We continue our efforts to expand and grow everyday and deliver informative, possibly entertaining, content coverage. Here are some of the folks that keep this ship afloat on a daily basis.

 Amy Clockwork Editor-in-Chief, Lead Web Designer

Alpha Gear Clockwork Lead Editor

Star Cross Network Creative Team & Programs Manager, Intern Critic

Shadow Blades Intern Critic

Cross Stitch Editor for FiMFiction Reviews