Coming up next on Problematic Reviews

Coming up next on Problematic Reviews


Sites or group that might be of interest. Ranging from reviewers to just forums, I recommend taking a peek at these sites I found interesting/useful. 

Fandom Related

Brony stories, music, art, animation, videos and more. Seriously, what more could you ask for?
Welcome, welcome, to Canterlot's Finest.

What is this place, you may ask? Why, it's a place to have your pony content featured for all to see, whether you're professional or amateur at whatever it is you do. All are welcome here, so don't be afraid to submit whatever pony content you've made! Odds are it's going to get featured.

Fan fiction as far as the eye can see. FiM Fiction is the single most massive archive of pony fiction. 

More Reviewers

I'm Chris. This is my blog. Howdy. Renowned reviewer Chris publishes his famed 6-Star Reviews and newest series, Fandom Classics! Go check it out! 

Welcome to the Equestrian Critics Society. We're a group dedicated to one common cause: to read the best stories, and write our reviews about them! 

Welcome to the Writers and Reviewers Institute for Technical Excellence! Our goal is to get together the best of the best—an elite reviewing group who can take on any level of fic.

With FiM Fiction in a state of disarray brought about by the rising of the Nofictoread Empire, it is left up to Seattle's Angels to fight and bring forth the Hidden Gems that have eluded us all, in the hope that these inspiring stories can bring forth a new age of quality reads for the good of the galaxy


Welcome to Struggling Authors. Here, if you feel as though your stories are not being recognized for all that they are, if you want to receive constructive criticism and input, if you are an editor and proofreader and are looking for things to preview, or if you just want to hang around and read some pretty great stuff, then join us here at Struggling Authors. 

Hello and welcome to the writer's group! Here you can promote yourself, talk shop, challenge yourself  and generally have a good time.

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