Coming up next on Problematic Reviews

Coming up next on Problematic Reviews


I recommend stories all the time, but as the title suggests, I have some labeled as "must read.... again!" These are stories that the other staff and I felt deserved praise for going above and beyond. Showing excellence in their categories and fineness in writing style and quality. Staff Pick awards include the annual Summer Review Marathon and two more in the works. Get the details by clicking on the banners below!

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The Foal Free Network is proud to present our Community Awards. In these competitions, you vote, they win. The nominees are chosen by our staff and, depending on the award, have from a few days to a few weeks to rack up those votes from you, the readers! The Community Awards include our latest series, Stories Back From the Read, and the end of the year FiM Fiction Story of the Year Awards. Click on the banners for more details.

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