Coming up next on Problematic Reviews

Coming up next on Problematic Reviews

Reviews on Request

Reviews on Requests Guidelines and Submission Details
Updated Version Number 3 - Updated May 4, 2014

Welcome back, internet travelers! If you haven't noticed by now, I don't just pick stories at random. You guys are the really ones that keep me in business. The reviews keep coming because you guys keep sending your stories in! If you want me to review your story, simply submit it with the nifty form below and I'll get to it as soon as possible! Of course, there might be a waiting list and definitely a couple of preferences which will be listed below. This is also to help out new writers get some critique. As a result, if you want your story's review to be not published, I respect your decision. I can't wait to read your brilliant stories! Contact information and guidelines below. See you guys soon!

Guidelines (Please read before submitting):

Upon Submission:

Your story will be checked for the themes listed in these guidelines. Expect an email or private message back within a fews days of submitting to confirm if you have been accepted or not. This usually matters upon the intensity and frequency of these themes. I usually won't turn anything down unless it makes me want to vomit all the contents of my stomach. There are some things that make me want to do that so make sure to check those out below!

Be Careful with These Themes.

Themes such as slavery, prostitution, and drug/alcohol abuse are fine but only in moderation and for essential character building and setting. A full list of things that might be considered mature themes are in the document linked below under point A of Section B.1, if you're interested.

Gore and Violence Accepted at Responsible Levels.

I will turn down any stories with any violence considered explicit or disturbing such as that containing explicit depictions of mutilation of appendages or internal organs and/or scenes of intense violence resulting in the death and/or severe injury of characters. That's just messed up, man.

No Purely-clop Stories.
Stories including explicitly descriptive scenes of sexual interactions involving characters will be rejected. Any submitted material(s) categorized by the “Mature” and “Sex” tag has to be looked into for obvious reasons and, as said before, will be rejected if I feel it is not appropriate for my website. There are some more specific things to watch out for included in the document linked below under point A of Section B.1 if you have any concerns.

In conclusion, practically everything is accepting as long as it is in moderation and is essential to your story. If you have any questions or think something needs to be clarified, please refer to the comments section or the Critique Publication and Policies document linked below.

Read the full Critique Publication and Policies statement here.
Submission form updates can be found here


Thank you for taking your time to read the guidelines and I hope that it clarified some things. If your story is acceptable by the rules above, you are welcome to send it in with request form below!

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