Coming up next on Problematic Reviews

Coming up next on Problematic Reviews

The 2nd Annual Summer Review Marathon

Contest: Staff Pick

The Summer Review Marathon is an event held during, you guessed it: Summer! Enjoy reviews while relaxing under the sun. Join Amy Clockwork as she storms through as many stories as possible and brings you the reviews! On the 29th of August, Amy's favorite story from the season will be crowned the Winner of the Summer Review Marathon. Rules and conditions for entering stories are below. Thank you for joining us and we look forward to bringing you this year's Second Annual Summer Review Marathon!

Contest airs June 23rd to August 22nd. The winner has been announced! Click here for all posts relating to the Summer Review Marathon.

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The Sword Coast by AdrianVesper
Third Place

When Twilight, a ward and apprentice of Star Swirl, gets grappled into a world of conspiracy and evil
intentions after her mentor's murder, she teams up with five adventurers to find the assassin and discover her own destiny in this epic adventure. AdrianVesper put together one of the most thrilling, action-packed stories I've read recently. From the excellent fight scenes to the deep and thematic characterization of Twilight Sparkle, I recommend this one if you enjoy action and adventure.

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 Awaken, Scootaloo by xjuggernaughtx
Second Place

Luna revisits Scootaloo in her dreams after she continues to have trouble flying in this deeply touching tale by xjuggernaughtx, author of the critically acclaimed fanfic: Diary of a Silent Tyrant. Awaken, Scootaloo's conflict is enormously relateable and is only strengthen by juggernaught's amazing characterization of Scootaloo and Luna. Along with well done dialogue, I recommend it if you enjoy slice of life and emotional stories. 

Cold Light by Scramblers and Shadows
First Place Winner

Sweetie Belle is thrown into the strange and ancient world of Amaranth when Scootaloo mysteriously disappears. Desperate to find her lover in this brave new world, she will face many dangers as pirates, salvors and the desperate wander this land far, far from Equestria. Cold Light is simply a masterpiece. Scramblers and Shadows' writing and direction is brilliant and profoundly breathtaking at times. The plot and related romance are fascinating and heartfelt.  While this hugely ambitious story is only in its opening chapters, I look forward with anticipation for where Scramblers and Shadows plans to take it. I recommend this story to everyone but especially if you enjoy adventure and romance. 

That'll be all for this year! Thanks for reading. <3

Winner of the 2013 Summer Review Marathon:

Contest Rules and Conditions

Participating authors should read this section carefully. Rules may be changed due to changing circumstances, however, the authors will be notified and changes should be rare. If an author fails to follow these rules, his/her story will be disqualified.

Process for Entering Stories into the Contest

Stories are automatically entered into the contest when the story is accepted for review under normal circumstances during the contest period (June 23 to August 22). Meaning that, if your story is in the review queue, you have a chance to enter. Your story is not guaranteed to be accepted under "normal circumstances" due to the random nature of the review queue. If you would like your story entered into the contest and wish to bypass the queue, send me a FiM Fiction PM to my account. However, this "fast-lane" will stay open to requests via FimFiction PM until Saturday, August 16th. Unlike the review queue, it's a first come, first serve system. Hurry and register if you would like to participate!

Winner Selection

The winner will be announced a week after the contest closes on August 29th. Three nominees will be announced on Monday, August 25th. My staff and I will then debate which of the three will receive First, Second and Last Place.

To clarify, this is a "staff choice" contest, meaning that the staff and myself chose the winner of all the awards. The winner is simply our favorite story and does not represent the community. 

Rules regarding stories and authors
  • Stories must be published on FiM Fiction to participate.
  • Authors are expected to follow the the Foal Free Network's critic-author agreement policies.
  • Authors are expected to follow FiM Fiction's rules and policies. 
Thanks for reading and good luck.

Amy Clockwork Lead Critic and Program Manager

Fantasia Archsage Guest Critic, FiM Fiction Reviews: Mother May I?

Cross Stitch Network Creative Team Manager, Stories Back from the Read

Alpha Gear Network Creative Team Adviser & FiM Fiction Reviews Editor

Golden Keys Network Creative Team Adviser & Web Design Consultant

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