Coming up next on Problematic Reviews

Coming up next on Problematic Reviews

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Summer Review Marathon: Scheduling Updates & More!

Welcome back, internet travelers! We are nearing the end of the two-month long Summer Review Marathon here on Problematic Reviews and I must say, it's certainly been an interesting summer. The final reviews with come out soon enough and the winner will be announced, but I would like to throw a quick heads up out there regarding the schedule. Please, if you have any questions, read this entire post and look on the contest page before asking. If you still have questions, I'll happily answer them! Just send a PM to my FimFiction profile. So without further ado:

Contest closing date moved to August 22nd!

Due to some scheduling issues, I will be moving back the closing date to August 22nd to make room for a few more reviews. A separate "fast-lane" queue has been made for those of you who would like to bypass the conventional queue in time for the contest. It will stay open to requests via FimFiction PM until Saturday, August 16th. Unlike the review queue, it's a first come, first serve system. Hurry and register if you would like to participate!

Winner will be announced on August 29th!

The winner will be announced a week after the contest closes on August 29th. Three nominees will be announced on Monday, August 25th. My staff and I will then debate which of the three will receive First, Second and Last Place.

The Summer Review Marathon contest page has been updated to include all of the above.


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