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Coming up next on Problematic Reviews

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Stories Back from the Read 2013 Awards Ceremony

Welcome fillies and gentlecolts! The polls closed yesterday and week-long feud is over! Four spectacular stories went head-to-head and a victor has emerged out of the ashes! Will it be the mischievous Cutie Mark Crusaders? Or maybe the clever Twilight Sparkle showing she has slain yet another beast? Or how about the witty Minty Flower and deductive Grapevine Lulamoon? Find out after the break!

Bringing up the rear is theswimminbrony's Your Beutifull. I loved the hilarious dialogue exchanged between the well done Mane 6 and the plot line is well paced and interesting. Although it came in last place, I definitely recommend you give this superb shipfic a read.

Previously battling Of Steam Gears and Wings for second place,  ToixStory's Freeze Frame takes third place! Freeze Frame also takes home the highest score out all the nominees and all the stories ever reviewed with a 9 out of 10! Freeze Frame is a masterpiece with beautifully crafted cast of original characters and superb dialogue. Congratulations to ToixStory for crafting this masterpiece! 

 Coming in at second place is RavenDagger's Of Steam Gears and Wings. Of Steam Gears and Wings' outstanding scene visuals and characterization only contribute into its engaging and imaginative world building. RavensDagger is also awarded best author for continually showing excellence in writing on the FiMFiction scene. Congratulations to RavensDagger and Of Steam Gears and Wings for this outstanding award. 

And the winner of Stories Back from the Read 2013 is JawJoe's Twilight Sparkle: Night Shift! Night Shift's interesting plot line and pacing combined with frightening beasts and fun world building drives this story above and beyond. A huge congratulations to JawJoe from all of us here at the Foal Free Network and we anticipate Night Shift's finale coming early December. And now a word from JawJoe: 
Night Shift just celebrated its birthday this October. I can't express how happy it made me to see it become as successful as it did -- I'd never have expected when I published the first chapter way back when. But that said, it wasn't simple, writing it; I didn't just sit down, day after day, and write pages upon pages of beautifully semi-purple prose as my muse and genius dictated the words in my ear. There were hard times. There may have been a few tears. And without a certain few people, Night Shift wouldn't be what it is. (It would be total garbage, is what I'm trying to say.) I'd like to take this opportunity to thank all the people who have patiently put up with me and my nagging over the past year.

First, I'd like to thank Wise Cracker, who has been there since before I started working on chapter 2. Whatever I threw at him, (and no matter how many times!) he read and gave me valuable insight. In fact, a few ideas that I later spun into major plot elements originated from him. Thank you, Wise Cracker. 
Second, there is of course Nonagon, my loyal beta reader. Our messaging history dates back over 30 months now. Whether it came to simple proofreading or plot brainstorming, he was there to help. Thank you, Nonagon. 
One R5h, (whose name is a puzzle to me to this day) helped me by reading chapters before release and sharing his thoughts. And an honourable mention, I feel, must go out to NotSoSubtle. Although he didn't technically work with me on Night Shift, he did give me a few pointers regarding OCs that I tried to apply to my work. I've probably failed on that front, but there it is. Sorry, and thank you, both of you. 
And, of course, I'd like to thank all my readers, and I love you all, world peace, yada yada -- you know the drill. - JawJoe

Don't forgot to join us this week for the Winner Interviews with Equestria Daily pre-reader, amacita! 

That just about wraps it up folks! Before we go though, I would like to take a moment to recognize some very special people. Firstly, the authors. You guys are some of the people who got me into fan fiction in the first place and working with you in the last few weeks has been an honor. I would like to thank the network staff and all the hard work you've been doing to make the banners and plan this momentous occasion. Last but not least, you guys: the readers. All this would have been possible without each and everyone you and there's no doubt that you are why we are here. So from the bottom of my heart, and from everyone here at the Foal Free Network,

Thank you.


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Featuring the Works of ToixStory, RavensDagger, theswimminbrony, & JawJoe

Freeze Frame by ToixStory

Of Steam Gears and Wings by RavensDagger

Your Beutifull by theswimminbrony

Twilight Sparkle: Night Shift by JawJoe

Special Thanks to Canterlot's Finest, the authors, amacita, and readers like you.

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