Coming up next on Problematic Reviews

Coming up next on Problematic Reviews

Friday, July 5, 2013

News Update - July 5: No Review This Week, Going on Vacation, Of Age Review Spotlight Post

Good evening, fellow interweb explorers! Do not fret, there is some good news; my graphics designer just forgot to put it in the banner. By the way, I didn't click the publish button on this post. I'm on an airplane headed towards Guatemala so that means you guys won't be seeing me for about two weeks. Thank you Blogger post schedule. Anyways, go get that hot plate of updates after the break! 

No Review This Week 

I expected to schedule a review for next week but next week's review won't be published publicly on the author's request. Sorry folks, no review for this and next week. Reviews will continue when I return on the 18th of July.

Plans for next week (While on Vacation) 

If you didn't get the memo yet, I be out of the country and, more importantly, away from keyboard till July 18th. However, I couldn't leave you guys without any updates so on July 9th, a programed a story update to go up. Hopefully the updated stories will keep you guys busy.

Of Age Review Spotlighted by Author 

One last thing before I leave: you guys remember the Of Age review I did awhile back? Paleowriter must've approved because he tossed up a blog post spotlighting the review! Check it out here. A huge thanks to paleowriter for that!

So if unless the plane had some catastrophic failure or the flight was simply delayed, I should be in Guatemala by now. Thanks for reading my boring crap and I'll see you guys on the 18th. I know, I'll miss you guys too. (I know you secretly want me gone but oh well).

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