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Coming up next on Problematic Reviews

Friday, June 21, 2013

Author Spotlight - ShootingStar Interview with Amacita

Good evening, fellow travelers of the interwebs. This one's going to be short so let's hop right to it. I posted my review on ShootingStar159's The Rising Stars about a month ago and revered it for its imaginative world building and fantastic storytelling. If you're looking for a great Starswirl story, The Rising Stars is truly the way to go. Little did I know that a few days after the review, ShootingStar's flagship story, Birthday Wishes, was featured on Equestria Daily. To put it in ShootingStar's own words: "So, that happened... :D" 

After being featured on Equestria Daily, ShootingStar159 was interviewed by none other than Equestria Daily's very own Amacita. Now, there are some small spoilers in it so if you haven't read Birthday Wishes yet, be advised there is a spoiler-free version. Nevertheless, go check it out. As always, links are below and have a good night.  

Check out Birthday Wishes by ShootingStar159 right here.  
Check out ShootingStar's interview with Equestria Daily Pre-reader Amacita right here

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