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Coming up next on Problematic Reviews

Monday, June 3, 2013

Story News - Lethe [Story Update Coming Soon]

Good morning everyone. I have a little update for you. Preservation's Lethe was the first story I  reviewed and I definitely recommend you go check it out. Aside from some pacing problems, it is extremely well  written and the characterization is excellent. It got an 8 out of 10 back then. I was just informed that Preservation has rewritten it. Details after the break.  

I actually don't have too many details to give you. Damn it. Anyways, Preservation informed me that Lethe has been rewritten and it will be out after some critics, including myself, give it a look. As a result, release dates for "Lethe v2" are yet to be announced. Nevertheless, we'll follow this story and bring you news and more, right here on the Problematic Network. 

Update [June 3 - Lethe up by "tomorrow or next day"]
 Preservation says "[Lethe might be up on FiM Fiction] sometime tomorrow or the next day." Again, this is a possibility and is not 100% confirmed. Stay tuned for more updates as they come out. 

Release date for the rewritten version of Lethe to be announced. 
Read Lethe here
Read the review of Lethe here

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Lethe by Preservation
Complete (Completed on Oct. 12, 2012)

Following an unknown incident on the border of the Everfree Forest, Twilight and Rainbow set out to discover the cause of the pegasus' amnesia and restore her memory. Yet the vehicle of her amnesia is linked not only to their past, but to an ancient magic, lost to the world a thousand years ago. 

Tags: Romance, Dark. Crossover, Adventure, Alternate Universe
Rating: Teen 

"Rainbow Cringe" vector by Kired25  -  "Battle Twilight (without Sword)" vector by crazypon3  -  My Little Pony is copyright Hasbro Inc. 
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