Coming up next on Problematic Reviews

Coming up next on Problematic Reviews

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

News Update - August 17: 5000 Pageview Special (New series and the Summer Review Marathon Winners)

I woke up to the most pleasant thing this morning. Problematic Reviews has just hit its 5000 views milestone! We couldn't have done it without you, the readers. A huge thanks from the bottom of our hearts to all our readers, those of you with us since day one and the ones who've recently joined us. You guys are the best and to commemorate reaching this milestone, we only want to give you the best. Stay tuned after the break for our new series and the winner of the Summer Review Marathon.

Coming soon to Problematic Reviews is our newest series, Stories Back From the Read. Join me as I revisit my old favorites from a while back and you guessed it, review them! Look out for them every other week. Check out the schedule for the next three weeks below!

Season One Premiere: Airing August 30
Of Steam, Gear, and Wings by RavensDagger - Read this story here

Season One - Episode Two: Airing September 13
Your Beutifall by theswimminbrony - Read this story here

Season One - Episode Three: Airing September 27 
Freeze Frame by ToixStory - Read this story here

Kicked off by my review of Paleowriter's Of Age, the Summer Review Marathon drilled through six amazing (and not too amazing) stories. Now in the final weeks of summer vacation, it is time to choose our winners! Now before we get on to the good stuff, the winners are chosen by our staff and do not represent the opinions of the community. Nevertheless, we consider the three nominees listed below a must read so go check out the nominees and the winner below!

Nominated for excellent dialogue and narrative: Of Age by Paleowriter
I was in awe with Of Age when I finally came around to reading it. It's dialogue, narrative, and characterization of Rarity makes this intense romantic adventure a stunning masterpiece. I still believe it is well deserving of a 8 out of 10 here on Problematic Reviews. Read it here.

Nominated for exceptional characterization of canon and original characters:
Vengeance of Dawn by Scipio Smith
With a stellar cast of a Mane 6 that wasn't meant to be, Scipio Smith's Vengeance of Dawn is a dramatic tale presented in true excellence with great dialogue and mood setting. It's a tragic tale that spectacularly showcases the power of past emotional struggles with compelling back stories and flashbacks. Unfortunately, this story was badly written with many grammatical and structural issues. Vengeance of Dawn received a 7 out of 10 here on Problematic Reviews. Read it here.

Nominated for superb character development and presentation: Whispers by Chrono_Ryono
This was the last review of the Summer Review Marathon and I'm happy it was. What a great way to wrap it up. Chrono_Ryono really outdid himself with an incredible performance from a well built cast of original characters. The breathtaking dialogue flows natural and truly feels organic. Whispers received an 8.5 out of 10 here on Problematic Reviews. Read it here.

The staff and I were unanimous: Vengeance of Dawn is a masterpiece. After fixing its errors, Vengeance of Dawn was backed by a terrific cast and dialogue that made a stunning drama not only about revenge, but the inner struggles and insecurities of those seeking it. With excellent pacing, mood setting, and scene visualization, this story is a must read. And now a word from the winner, Scipio Smith:
Wow, thanks at lot! I gotta say that I'm a little surprised.
I would like to thank Dark Parable, for cross-fertilizing my story (my OC cameo'd in his fic, and then I used the cameo to spine-brace the concluding chapter) and for generally being a hilarious and awesome person all round. 

I would like to thank Admujica herself, along with Cheezesauce and TGSX for reviewing my story and blogging about it to a wider audience.

And I would like to thank everyone who liked, favourited and commented on Vengeance of Dawn while it was in progress. I might not have had the energy to finish it without your support.
So that wraps up the Summer Review Marathon and our 5000 Views Special. Thank you for tuning in and have a great week everyone!

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