Coming up next on Problematic Reviews

Coming up next on Problematic Reviews

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Story Updates - September 2013 | Site Beta Testing, Of Age Updates, and Stories Back From the Read Schedule Update

Welcome back, Internet travelers. It's Admujica here with a hot plate of story updates. A few things before we get on to the bag of goodies: as many of you have probably noticed, Jack and I finished designing the new template and have set it up for open beta. We are hoping the new website will deliver a faster, more focused interface and get rid of those nasty glitches many of our testers reported on the old one. Of course, it is in beta so many of the pages will be under construction for the next month or two and expect many bugs, particularly in mobile devices. To wrap this part up, we need your help! If you could leave you comments and suggestions below that would be splendid! Thanks and get those updates below the break.

Of Age Chapters 11 - 14 released
Nominated Winner of the 2013 Summer Review Marathon a few weeks ago, the epic story continues with chapters 11 through 14 released on FiM Fiction. With Of Age coming to a close sometime later this month with chapter 15, it's a perfect time to read this incredible story if already haven't. Read it here.

Stories Back From the Read Schedule Change
Some important news for our newest series, Stories Back From the Read. I unfortunately couldn't premiere the series with RavensDagger's Of Steam, Gears, and Wings due to issues contacting him. You understand. So we premiered with shalrath's The End instead. As a result, we had to move somethings around. Here is the updated schedule for you guys:

Season One - Episode Two: Airing September 14 
Of Steam, Gear, and Wings by RavensDagger - Read this story here

Season One - Episode Three: Airing September 28
Your Beutifall by theswimminbrony - Read this story here

Season One - Episode Four: Airing October 12
Freeze Frame by ToixStory - Read this story here

Thanks for reading! 

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