Coming up next on Problematic Reviews

Coming up next on Problematic Reviews

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Story & News Updates - October 2013 | Partnership with Canterlot's Finest, Vengeance of Dawn featured, Stories Back From the Read Polls Open Soon, Nightmare Nights Dallas

I've never had a character other than one of the Mane 6 get on the header. Maybe I'm running out of banner inspiration. Or Cheerilee "convinced" me with her sensuous looks. Either way, we have a Cheerilee banner! Not only that but we have some awesome updates including a poster for the Stories Back From the Read contest, a word from our new partner, Canterlot's Finest, and some panel news! Get get this stuff and more below!

Announcing Our Partnership with Pony media blog, Canterlot's Finest

Canterlot's Finest, which opened its doors on Thursday, has agreed to a partnership with Probematic Reviews! The deal is mostly in the works still but so far, they will highlight FiM Fiction Reviews and in the future, community news and contests! Alongside that, they cover fan fiction, art, music, and other forms of Brony media. Go check them out on the links page or click here.

Vengeance of Dawn gets featured on Canterlot's Finest

Canterlot's Finest steals another spot by featuring the winner of the Summer Review Marathon, Vengeance of Dawn by Scipio Smith. I can't empathize how marvelous Scipio Smith's masterpiece is. I feel like I keep repeating myself every time this story gets featured somewhere. Just go check out the Canterlot's Finest post here or go read it here! Read the review here.

Admujica Joining the Horsewords Panel at Nightmare Nights Dallas

Nightmare Nights Dallas announced their panel schedule a few days ago giving us the green light on a project I've been on for a while now. Come November 8th I will be speaking at Horsewords: the Fan Fiction of My Little Pony. Hosted by Chelis, we will be discussing how to start writing your own stories as well as answering any questions you might have for us. I'm super excited to be part of this and I hope you stop by if you plan on going. For information and registration for Nightmare Nights Dallas, hit up this link.

Stories Back From the Read Contest Opens Voting Polls In November

Last but definitely not least is news regarding our program and contest, Stories Back From the Read. It's been three weeks and three reviews since the announcement of this series and I'm glad to say it's gone more smoothly than we could have imagined. A special thanks to the authors of the four spectacular contestants for their patience and participation. Polls open early November! We hope to see you there!

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